Thursday, October 27, 2011

Off to a Wonderful Start

This week saw the start of eleven Parenting Through a Jewish Lens classes throughout Greater Boston.  One participant, Ana Villalobos Sharone, has shared the following:
We had our first session of Parenting Through a Jewish Lens at Temple Isaiah in Lexington with over 20 parents!

The session was absolutely wonderful, and led to several activities in our home:

·       It got my husband and me to discuss incorporating the "modeh ani" (Jewish morning prayer/song) into our daily practice.

·       Together with our kids we sorted clothing donations for local needy children. While doing so our kids spontaneously brought up the idea of creating a hot apple cider tzedakah stand and giving the proceeds to those in need. 

·       When our instructor, Ronit Ziv-Kreger, spoke about praising effort (process) rather than outcome (product), I thought of the greater good website which discusses parenting topics along with some of the research behind them. I found this video clip which is very similar to what our instructor shared in class.

LOTS of Jewish juice flowing after just one session – thanks to the care and “heartfulness” of our instructor.  It's good to have some outside inspiration to get things rolling.

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