Monday, January 30, 2012

From the Perspective of a Spouse

This blog post was written by Lenny Sekuler from Sharon, MA.
My wife attends the weekly discussions in Parenting Through a Jewish Lens in Sharon, and I attended the bring-your-spouse event and enjoyed it very much. Julie Zupan, the instructor, provided some great guidance on parenting that I've applied to my own family. The discussions she facilitated made me think more profoundly about the impact that each of us have on our own children. 

One topic that I found particularly instructive: the importance of teaching your children to respect their parents and peers. I've tried to incorporate this into our lives by explaining to my children how other people feel when they do something inappropriate. I've also learned to be more consistent in how I respond to my children's behavior, and to reserve excessive praise for acts that are worthy. Finally, Parenting Through a Jewish Lens teachings affirmed for me the importance of being playful with my kids. 

I highly recommend this program to all parents!

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