Thursday, July 11, 2013

Introducing Our Newest Member of the PTJL Team

Hi! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Marcy Leiman and I’m thrilled to be joining Hebrew College’s Adult Learning Department as Associate Director of Parenting Through a Jewish Lens.

To tell you a bit more about my professional journey, I have lived in the Boston area since 1998, when I first began working at Hebrew College’s Adult Learning Department as Administrative Assistant for, and staff member of Jewish InterAction. Since then, I’ve moved on to become a communications specialist in a number of advertising and public relation firms and taught first grade in various elementary schools in the Greater Boston area.

I live in Needham, MA with my husband and two children, ages two and five. They are the best part of me and I love being a mother and partner in their lives. We belong to Temple Aliyah in Needham and are active members of Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

I currently serve on the board of Combined Jewish Philanthropies Women’s Philanthropy and I am the co-chair of Temple Aliyah’s Temple Tot committee. In both of these roles, I’ve worked with lay leaders to plan, organize and execute events for families of young children. I have publicized these events through social media and traditional media outlets – skills that I look forward to bringing to my new role at Hebrew College as well.

Over the next two months I will be working with Elisha Gechter to prepare to take on this role. Elisha will soon take on a new assignment herself: she will be moving into a community organizing role for our department that puts her out in the field, meeting with parents in PTJL and young adults interested in Eser.

In addition to helping to organize and run Parenting Through a Jewish Lens, I am very excited about participating in the program and learning with all of you. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the program and the classes. In fact, one parent described the class as “an interesting and excellent class that addresses my concerns as a person and helps me reflect on my role as a parent.” I know that I will gain further insights into my views of parenting and how I want my children to grow as Jewish people.

Again, I’m thrilled to be returning to the Hebrew College community and to be working with area synagogues and liaisons. I look forward to meeting with all of you in the days and weeks to come and to joining you in your educational journeys.

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