Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soccer and Shaws

Think it's too early to plan for the fall? According to the Soccer leagues of Sharon and Shaws Supermarket it's certainly not.

Last week, Rabbi Zupan, who will be teaching the Parenting Through a Jewish Lens class in Sharon, saw a banner in her neighborhood reminding her to sign her kids up for Fall soccer. "I wish I could put off thinking about the start of the school year." But she knows that if she doesn't plan any fall activity (i.e.  dance class, Sports Club, karate, swim lessons at the Y) for her children they might be missing out on a special opportunity. If she felt behind on September "soccer registration," she got an even bigger surprise at the supermarket: "I couldn't believe that Shaw’s has Halloween candy on sale already. Seriously?!"
As Julie pushes herself to enroll her kids in a monthly activity she usually doesn't make plans for herself. "As parents we're always thinking about our kids, but we need to think about what activities will nurture our own minds, bodies and souls," she acknowledges. This year she invites all parents to plan their own adventures, ones that will enable them to form a supportive community of parents and learn from one another.   

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens starts in October so make your fall plans for yourself NOW!

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